Animals rescued by Pro Animale

In 2023 we could rescue 836 animals – 458 Dogs – 137 Cats – 10 Horses – 21 Cattle – 3 Donkeys – 35 Sheep – 21 Pigs – 17 Goats – 86 Small Animals – 48 Feathered.

(The 205 dogs and 21 cats rescued from the war zone in Kherson are not pictured here, we will dedicate a separate page to them).

Since Pro Animale was founded in 1985, one of the focal points of our work has been rescuing and caring for animals in desperate situations – in some cases buying their freedom …

  • from slaughterhouses and slaughterhouse lorries here in Germany and beyond our borders
  • from animal cruelty here in Germany and beyond our borders;
  • from dog camps in Romania, Poland, Spain or “dog and horse pounds” in Ireland;
  • from the endless army of street animals in Turkey, Poland, Italy and Ireland…
  • Rescue of ukrainian animal refugees

    After three missions between March and May, thousands of kilometers and several days of travel by Lukasz, Peter and Andreas, more than 100 Ukrainian animal refugees moved into the safe haven of the Pro Animale sanctuaries in Germany, Poland and Austria!

  • Donkey rescue

    In March and September 2018, we managed the extraordinary rescue of 64 refugee donkeys from the sideshows of war on the Turkish-Syrian border in eastern Turkey.

Pastorale – Birth of Lilou

February 29th, 2024|

Lilou was born in the safety of our pastoral home. We were able to rescue her mother Lada from an animal hoarder in November 2023 together with 12 sheep and 2 other goats.

Clinic Altinolkuk – Rescue of Efe (7 yrs)

February 26th, 2024|

A male dog was shot by his owner. The man had actually wanted to kill his wife on the street and is now in prison. Passers-by joined forces to bring the large, seriously injured male dog to the nearest veterinary practice. The dog underwent emergency surgery immediately, Nilgün was

Fellosophie – Take over of nine dogs

February 26th, 2024|

Adoption of Felipe (3 y.), Fermin (2 y.), Fausto (2 y.), Fidel (8 y.), Fortunato (3 y.), Flores (2 y.), Fabio (5 y.), Francisco (6 y.), Fernando (3 y.) - a northern Spanish city administration has been begging us for help and adoption of 9 dogs for months. Welcome

Kolebka Slonca – Rescue of Mateusz (4 yrs) and Michau (3 yrs)

February 21st, 2024|

Lukasz received a call from neighbouring eyewitnesses that there was a dog whose leg had been bitten off by another dog and the owner had done nothing, but left the dog to suffer its serious injury. Representatives from an animal welfare organisation had already been on site, but the

Samaria II – Rescue of three horses

February 19th, 2024|

Dr Jacub Wojciech finds the three slave children at the Skaryszew horse market - a seven-month-old filly standing abandoned and stressed in this cruel place, a one-year-old stallion who came here from Romania and a second perishable colt. All three, Angelina, D'Artagnan and Aramis, would, at the end of

Pastorale – Birth of Lillith

February 15th, 2024|

Little Lillith saw the light of day in the safety of our Pastorale. We were able to rescue her mother Laura from an animal hoarder in November 2023 along with 12 sheep and 2 other goats.

Copernika – Rescue of Kiara (11 yrs)

February 12th, 2024|

Lukasz was urgently asked by a local authority to adopt a bitch that had been kept in a kennel there for many months. The dog was very ill. When Lukasz was brought the dog, she was suffering from massive diarrhoea and an advanced tumour of mammary tumours. Lukasz immediately