Founded in 1985, Pro Animale is an internationally active animal welfare organisation officially recognised in Germany as ‘a charity particularly worth supporting’. As a non-profit organisation funded exclusively by donations, we spend only about 6,6 % on administration. We are fully responsible on a daily basis for more than 3700 of our animal siblings housed in 25 animal welfare centres in five European countries and Turkey. These animals include 439 horses, 1170 dogs, 621 cats, 291 sheep, 245 donkeys, 308 goats, 167 cattle, 70 pigs, 2 lamas, 6 camels, 329 feathered, 44 rodents, 1 deer, 39 raccoons, 2 tanuki.

Emergency call for 27 cattle –
Lukasz is called to a cruel animal tragedy

Dear friends of Pro Animale,

Lukasz receives a call from a journalist saying that he has been able to recognise dramatic animal misery via drone footage.

Lukasz immediately contacts the official vet and the local authority. This farmer’s cattle farming is well known, has been on record for three years and has already been reported to the court. But the wheels of justice grind slowly and then … what to do with the animals?

When Lukasz is on site with the public health officer, he shudders with horror. He calls us and emphasises that he has already seen a lot of misery, but this is a single animal tragedy …

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Our intensive animal welfare work in Turkey

Dear friends of Pro Animale,

We would like to inform you about animal rescues in Turkey and current figures from our clinic in Altinoluk.

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+++ Acute Emergency +++
Flood disaster at our „Sorriso di San Francesco“ in Assisi/Italy

Dear friends of Pro Animale,

As I am sure you’ll appreciate, we are extremely busy with our Sorriso di San Francesco animal shelter in Assisi, which has been hit by the flood disaster. The situation remains dramatic.

We hope to be able to install our supply bridge in the next few weeks – until then we have to make do with a makeshift bridge to ensure the daily supplies for our horses, donkeys, sheep, goats and cats.

The supply bridge, the rebuilding of the fencing, the fortification of the river bank – all this now presents us with unimagined enormous financial challenges! Please support us in this enormous undertaking!

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