Our Pro Animale centres in Germany

Hunde vor Eingangstür der Keimzelle

Keimzelle (Nucleus)

The grounds have become a refuge for over 1600 homeless and vulnerable animals and are thus the nucleus of Pro Animale. Since 1985 there have been 30 – 50 dogs living here at any one time, waiting for a happy home.

Rendez-vous mit Tieren

Between 190 and 200 fosterlings have been living here permanently since 2001. Our horses, donkeys, sheep, goats and llamas enjoy our care as permanent residents on around 15 hectares (37 acres) of pasture land. Our dogs and cats are waiting for a happy home.


This dog refuge has been leased by Pro Animale since 2014 and houses 40 – 50 protégés on a permanent basis. Run according to our guidelines, it provides a homely environment with 1.5 hectares (3.7 acres) of open space for dogs to run around in and numerous old trees.

Dietas Neues Nest

Since 2001 we have been running an adoption centre for greyhounds from our Greyhound Sanctuary “Avalon” in Ireland. Here 20 – 30 of our fosterlings live permanently according to Pro Animale guidelines.

Our Pro Animale Charity Shop in Worms

Charity Shop

Our Charity Shop is located within the building complex that houses our dog refuges “Fellosophie” and “Dieta’s New Nest”. You can support our animal welfare work directly by purchasing one of our valuable items.