How can I help?

You can support our work by donating.

Because Pro Animale’s work is so diverse, there are many places where you can donate to a specific project.

donations account in Germany:
Sparkasse Coburg Lichtenfels
IBAN: DE 33 7835 0000 0000 202010 | BIC: BYLADEM 1 COB

… You can support our work by becoming a member of Pro Animale

and making our work better known in your own country. This is important to make our projects sustainable, especially outside Germany.

… by sponsoring or co-sponsoring one of our protégés,

you are making a major contribution to securing that animal’s future. Our concern for the future of the animals in out care has led us to create a new sponsorship programme. We sincerely hope it will provide a safe life for more and more of our protégés.

As a Godparent you will learn about the life story and rescue of the animal you are sponsoring as well as its day-to-day life in one of our refuges. Of course, you will have the opportunity to get to know your Godchild face to face.
And … wouldn’t it be a great idea to get your family or circle of friends to sponsor an animal too?

… Like the orphan girl in Grimm’s fairy story, our animals depend on “star-money” – special gifts from heaven.

.  You can make a special contribution to the upkeep of our orphans and guarantee them a secure future by showering some “star-money” on one of our refuges.

… by visiting our Charity Shop

All articles offered in our Charity Shop are gifts from sponsors. You can support our animal welfare work by purchasing an item.

Address and Opening hours:
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67547 Worms

Opening hours: You are welcome at any time, please make an appointment by phone..