The chairpersons

Johanna Wothke
Johanna Wothke1st Chairperson
Johanna Wothke was a primary school teacher for 30 years and is the founder of Pro Animale für Tiere in Not e.V. She holds the Bavarian Order of Merit, the Federal Cross of Merit, the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon and the German Animal Protection Party‘s Medal for Courage.
Natascha Wothke
Natascha Wothke2nd Chairperson
From a young age Natascha was fully responsible for the care and support of needy animals at Pro Animale’s home base in Uetzing in southern Germany. In 2001, she became manager of our Rendezvous with Animals centre. Since 2009, she has formed part of Pro Animale’s executive committee together with Johanna Wothke, and has been in charge of inspecting all our refuges.
Christian Ulsamer
Christian Ulsamer3rd Chairperson
Christian Ulsamer has been Third Chairperson of Pro Animale since October 2019 and has been in charge of our pastoral work in Austria since 2013. As an official executor of wills, Christian is responsible for handling all bequests and legacies made to Pro Animale. As a trained accountant and economist, he is also involved in the financial running of the charity.

The pillars of Pro Animale

Lukasz Szyszkowski
Lukasz Szyszkowskiwith Pro Animale since 1998.
Member of the Board of the Fundacjia Pro Animale dla Zwierzat w Potrzebie Foundation.
Director of Memento, Kolebka Słońca and Copernika.
Bogdan Andrzejak
Bogdan Andrzejakwith Pro Animale since 1996
Manager of Fallada, Spartacus and Sussita Kumi
Iwona Stucka
Iwona Stuckawith Pro Animale since 1996
Manager responsible for the healthcare of all our horses at Fallada, Spartacus, Sussita Kumi and Karpno.
Hassan Tatari
Hassan Tatariwith Pro Animale since 2009.
Veterinarian and Manager of our Rendez-vous mit Tieren.
Nilgün Varos
Nilgün Varoswith Pro Animale since 1995.
Representative of Pro Animale in Turkey. Head of Yasam Vadisi, the Neuter/Spay and Accident Clinic, the Cat Villa and the Esek Adasi donkey sanctuary.
Peter Janovich
Peter Janovichwith Pro Animale since 1994.
Photographer for all Pro Animale media. Head of the Fellosophie centre and Dieta’s New Nest
Cristian Castaldi
Cristian Castaldiwith Pro Animale since 2019.
Representative of Pro Animale in Italy. Manager or our Sorriso di San Francesco.
Eamonn O'Grady
Eamonn O'Gradywith Pro Animale since 2010.
Head of the Lifeline for Irish Horses project.
Renate Pertl
Renate Pertlwith Pro Animale from the beginning
Operations Manager

Our fundamental beliefs

Or the guiding principles of everything we do …

A brief outline of our motivations and convictions


Our work is driven by the conviction that humans and animals have a common heritage as living beings – we are bound together as brothers and sisters and belong together in our suffering, our well-being and our happiness. Only when we accept this truth are we able to put ourselves in the position of our suffering fellow creatures, and this gives us the strength to confront the injustices to which countless fellow creatures fall victim every day. ^
We have embarked on this journe