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Rescue/evacuation of animals from animal shelter in heavily contested Kherson/Ukraine

UPDATE 7 – August 10th, 2023:

Dear Pro Animale friends,

Some of you are already holding our summer TROPFEN in their hands, in which, among other things, we report about the dramatic rescue of the 226 war refugee dogs and cats.

Angelina meanwhile regularly visits her dogs in the Polish quarantine and of course did not miss the opportunity to visit her charges at Lukasz in Copernika – here is her letter to all of us:

Dear helping friends of Pro Animale, dear Johanna, dear Natasha,

this week I was finally able to see them again, my beloved dogs who escaped under the shelter of Pro Animale after the destruction of our shelter in Oleschky … It is impossible to describe the emotional abyss that we have gone through during the last weeks and months. My dogs and I have lived together for years – they are the center of my life.

During the war, I feared daily for all of our survival – but it would have been impossible for me to leave my dogs alone – and yet the war and the terrible flood tore some of them from our arms – how many of them, I cannot confess here, too deep is the pain that will never go away. But I assure you that in all the sea of death and pain I have not forgotten to pray that as many as possible of my beloved canine children may gain a better life beyond the war.

When I arrived here in Copernika at Lukasz, I was overwhelmed and overjoyed to see my dogs running free in such a large securely fenced beautiful pine forest. All the dog rooms here are just magical – no caging, no imprisonment! Experiencing how understanding the caretakers here are with my furry companions has made me so unspeakably happy.

The almost impossible had become possible as if by a miracle: It was an incomprehensible happiness to be allowed to experience that we were really saved and allowed to be together alive and free, beyond the war.

If you ask me about the future, I cannot answer that with certainty. I don’t know when or if we will ever be able to rebuild our shelter …. The present must stabilize me. The fact is, we are alive and we can be together!

Frankly speaking, I am still in a very battered state myself, both physically and emotionally – but I will, as often as I can, visit my dogs in the quarantine station, but also here in Copernika, in order to be able to regain my own life energy while witnessing their happy unfolding.

Dear supporters of Pro Animale,

Your solidary help has made the survival of my dog children and our being together today possible:

205 dogs and 21 cats were able to find a safe refuge at Pro Animale after endless “marches” over thousands and thousands of kilometers.

Natasha was our guardian angel! Her unwavering drive accompanied our rescue. I thank her and the entire Pro Animale team from the bottom of my heart for this great victory.

Yours, Angelina Rybchenko


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Dear Pro Animale friends, we can only approach you again and again with the fervent request, please remain faithful to these dogs and cats that we were able to rescue together from the inferno of war and flood!

Rescue alone is not enough.

Please stay by the side of these war-damaged protégés by

On behalf of these dogs and cats, whose lives were already completely in question and could only be caught and saved by our joint, courageous action, our heartfelt thanks for your solidarity.

These and many other protégés are waiting for your open sponsor hand:

Almira *2020

Allegra *2020

Alevtina *2021

Aisma *2022

Aima *2021

Adriana *2021

Aculina *2021

Adilia *2020

Anjuta *2020

Andra *2019

Amira *2020

Amadeo *2021

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