Welcome to our Charity Shop

Our Charity Shop is located within the building complex that houses our dog refuges ‘Fellosophie’ and ‘Dietas neues Nest’. You can support our animal welfare work directly by purchasing one of our valuable items.

Current information

Due to the still precarious nature of the Covid-19 crisis we regret that our Charity Shop will remain closed until further notice. If you are interested in purchasing an item, please call 0151 / 124 09 552 (Peter Janovich – Station Manager)

The idea for a charity shop originally came from England. Charity shops are run by charitable, non-profit organisations – in our case “Pro Animale für Tiere in Not e.V.” All items sold in these shops are gifts from sponsors’ estates and from a pool of donations. The proceeds are spent on the projects listed in the charity’s bye-laws or statutes.