Welcome to the Pastorale

Since 2012 the “Pastorale” has been a hostel for over 120 sheep, goats and feathered creatures as well as an alternative cat home. As permanent guests, our residents are well cared-for and lead a species-appropriate life.
This property was generously donated to us by the Stumme Brüder Foundation.

Current information

We currently care for
1 dog, 69 cats, 104 sheep, 27 goats, 7 feathered.

We have 6 employees wworking here in full and part time. The average maintenance costs amount to € 25,100 per month.

We receive an average of € 3,030 from Star Money and sponsorships.

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Manager: Christian Ulsamer

Phonenumber: 09721 / 60 84 06
Emailaddress: zentrale-sw@pro-animale.de


You can support the Pro Animale animal welfare organisation of your choice by becoming a ‘star money’ sponsor.

Sponsorship means an intimate bond

with your sponsored animal. This bond is vital for the safe protection of our animals.