Our Doris Zinn-Herberge/Poland – Adoption of three Refugia Dogs

We learned that the owner of 11-year-old Brutus Roman had passed away, so naturally we took him into our care. Due to a previous car accident, Brutus Roman had suffered a broken tail and lost the sight in one eye. Now he also had to have a paw amputated due to squamous cell carcinoma. Brutus Roman receives an extensive medication plan, as he also suffers from Cauda Equina Syndrome, but he is very well adjusted, so that he can spend his senior evening with us pain-free and cheerful. Maja (10 yrs) and Alik (12 yrs) also come from our programme for former chain dogs. Their owners were overwhelmed with the daily medication. In order to provide the necessary care for the two, we took Maja and Alik to us in our Doris Zinn-Herberge.


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