Our sanctuary Fellosophie – Rescue of 4 dogs

Alex (7 months), Elpis (14 months), Leila (14 months), Manolo (12 years) come from the animal shelter Odyssea in Greece.

Manolo and his sister, who unfortunately passed away last year, had already come to the shelter as puppies and have now been there for 12 years. Manolo has only seen the inside of the shelter all his life and simply deserves a happy retirement. What a wonderful twist of fate, a few days after Manolo arrived at our Fellosophie, a lady fell in love with the gentle old man and adopted him.

Alex was brought to the shelter by an old lady because she could no longer take care of him.

Elpis was found on the street in a pitiful condition, he was completely emaciated and had severe dermatitis with extensive fur loss. See for yourself what a handsome boy he is now!

Leila was abandoned by her owners and wandered the streets until someone courageously managed to catch her and bring her to the shelter.

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