Our sanctuary “Fellosophie” – Rescue of 6 dogs

Creata (2.5 years) and Maya (6 years) – were rescued like so many, by the dedicated Romanian animal welfare activists, they were threatened with death in a killing station.

The Prague Rattler Antoni van der Kolk (5 years), and the two Chihuahuas Antoni von Sierra Madre (3 years) and Emily (7 years) we taken over from an old lady who could no longer keep the dogs for serious health reasons. We took over the little dogs in a quite bad condition, un-neutered, unfortunately they hardly knew any other outside stimuli than their very small familiar environment.

Hope (2 yrs) – 2-year-old Hope was in danger of becoming a street dog in Romania. Private animal welfare organisations had taken him in and urgently asked us for help. Unfortunately, this affectionate, cuddly dog is not very social in a group with other dogs. You can see from his behaviour that he has had to constantly assert himself against other dogs on the street in order to survive. We hope to find sensitive and experienced adoptive parents for the beautiful Hope.

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