Fellosophie – Rescue of Silas (1.5 yrs) and Cooper (1.5 yrs)

Lukasz was called, a large dog – locked up in a stable – was howling desperately. With the help of the police, Lukasz is able to find the owner and have the dog confiscated. The St. Bernard’s behaviour ranges from difficult to aggressive and he won’t let anyone near him until Lukasz finally succeeds in rescuing the dog, who has been traumatised by an attack. The dog is completely neglected with open wounds.
Thanks to Lukasz, it was possible to bring Dino back to life and socialise him with other dogs – it is unbelievable that Dino has regained his trust in humans and loves to play and lovingly approach his new human friends.
Lukasz our unique canine saviour!

Here’s a video of Dino.

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