Our sanctuary “Rendez-vous” – Rescue of 24 lambs

A young Turkish fellow citizen called us one day in desperation and pleaded with us to help save 24 lambs who were threatened with cruel death by slaughter. Aware of this impending killing, we could not help but take in the doomed ones. Today, the 24 lambs Bernstein, Barbara, Benjamin, Buenaventura, Bathsheba, Betula, Bastien, Balthasar, Bartholomew, Beata, Bernardo, Bienvenido, Benedikt, Barlaan, Beautiful, Bernadette, Bambina, Basil, Benigna, Basilius, Balduin, Blossom, Basim and Basia (all 8 months) live a happy sheep life in our Rendez-Vous with animals.

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