Our Sorisso di San Francesco – Rescue of Gaudenzio, Gastone, Gasparo, and Emma

Four “unfit for hunting” setters, whose so far terrible fate we should now change for the better. Welcome dear ones to our Sorriso di San Francesco.
As Emma was not suitable for hunting, her owner used her as a “birthing machine” and exploited her mercilessly for breeding. Finally, he wanted to get rid of her….
Gaudenzio turned out to be unsuitable for hunting and became useless for his owner. The handsome, lively male is still very suspicious of people and is very reluctant to be touched. But we are sure he will learn to trust us again with time.
The brothers Gasparo and Gastone should also meet the fate of being abused as compliant hunting tools. They were sold to a hunter, who met their impetuous, bright nature only with anger and wanted to get rid of them.

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