Our animal shelter Sorriso di San Francesco/Italy – Rescue of Davide, Tiziano and Cavaliere

The 11-year-old Cavaliere suffered a fetlock injury to its left hind leg after a race, therefore it was worthless to its owner and was to end up in the slaughterhouse immediately afterwards. The small Vietnamese pig Tiziano (3 months) was abandoned by his former owner in a very small dirty crate, without food and water, under unspeakable conditions and brought to the responsible veterinary authority, his euthanasia was imminent. But then our representative, Cristian Castaldi, was asked to take in the little pig. With our consent, he agreed.
The little calf Davide (2 months) suffered an injury and severe infection in his left front knee due to the birth process. Unfortunately, the vet was informed too late and so severe arthrosis had already developed in the affected front leg, Davide can no longer use it due to the crooked position of the joint.
Therefore, the only option was to risk a complicated knee operation so that he can at least use all four legs in the future, albeit with a limp. Two veterinarians from the veterinary office and our large animal vet were busy for 4 1/2 hours with this extremely difficult operation. We hope that everything will go well! We should not forget how Davide was found injured and left lying among the other cows. He would certainly have been kicked to death by the other animals in the factory farm …
Now Cavaliere, Davide and Tiziano are finally living the life that all our animal siblings deserve – full of care and love!

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