Our sanctuary “Fellosophie” – Rescue of 4 dogs

Annie (2 years) and Ernie (9 months) came to us from Mauritius via private animal welfare organisations whose call for help we could not escape. Annie had been found badly injured on the side of the road with a shattered leg that could no longer be saved and had to be amputated. In the dog shelter over there, the poor girl was bullied and bitten by other dogs.
Ernie had a thick cord tied around her neck when she was a baby, and the cord had now grown so deeply into her throat that her oesophagus was affected and Ernie could no longer eat or drink. She was out of her mind with pain and already completely dehydrated when she was brought in.
In the meantime, Ernie has already found a new, loving home, our adorable three-legged Annie is still longing for one.
Fix (2 yrs) and Foxy (3 yrs) came into our care from the streets of Tobago.

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