Our animal shelter Pastorale/Austria – Rescue of 4 sheep, a goat and a cat.

We learned of an Animal Hoarding case where the animal owner thankfully decided to gradually part with his hoofed animals. We immediately made the commitment to take over the camera sheep, which without our intervention would have ended up at the slaughterhouse, as well as the beautiful 5 year old goat Genoveva. The female Cameroon ewes are still pregnant at this place; after they have given birth to their lambs, they can move to our Pastorale. The rams Pacificio, Pablo, Prospero and Placido (all one and a half years old) have already moved in with us.
Our cat colony in the Pastorale also has a new addition. The estimated 8-year-old Gertrud was rescued with a live trap by courageous and dedicated senior citizens after she was always roaming around their house for days. Gertrud is a very reserved cat lady who makes no fuss at all about herself and lets everything wash over her. We hope that she will soon settle in well.

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