Our boarding facility Kollmerhof – Rescue of Ezechiel & Yentl

We learned of the dramatic fate of a donkey gelding that was vegetating in solitary confinement with a farmer and was in danger of becoming destitute. We are grateful that it was possible for us to take 25-year-old Ezechiel into our care. Ezechiel must have suffered from laminitis several times, as his hooves were in a badly neglected condition. In addition, he was fed completely inadequate amounts of bread etc., so that he was severely overweight, which naturally resulted in a metabolic derailment. How wonderful that Ezechiel, who is angelic in his nature, can still meet the gentle mare Yentl in his new life with us.
We were able to save Yentl from imminent slaughter at the last second. The 14-year-old, delicate donkey mare was also in a catastrophic state of health, with overgrown crooked hooves and deformed hoof legs testifying to a bad past. Her coat was unkempt and infested with hair lice and fungus. At first, we actually feared that we had come too late for Yentl’s future. But day by day, the donkey lady is visibly regenerating and she is doing better and better in her togetherness with Ezekiel.

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