Sussita Kumi – Rescue of Soraya (22 yrs)

At the beginning of September, our Lukasz – Pro Animale’s representative in Poland and head of our three animal welfare centres Copernika, Kolebka Slonca and MEMENTO with its associated sheep farm – was asked for immediate help to save the life of a 22-year-old mare. The mare had been neglected for several months in the municipality of Slubice, tied to a chain from which she repeatedly broke free to wander the streets of the village, thirsty and starving. Her “owner” (what a commonly used, but actually frightening word that causes and conceals the animals’ lawless abandonment to humans), a man suffering from alcoholism, had lost his farm in a fire and from then on left the mare to her own devices. It was only thanks to our immediate promise to take the horse into our care that the mayor of the municipality was able to take immediate action by confiscating the horse.

On 6 September, Bogdan – manager of our three animal shelters in northern Poland – brought the mare to us at “Sussita Kumi”. We gave her the name Soraya when she entered her new life. Here she is already looking for and finding friends in our 20-strong herd of horses in the beautiful meadows – all of them, like Soraya herself, rescued from destitution, neglect or the transnational transport of animals for slaughter and safe and secure here in our care forever.

Here’s a video of Soraya.

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