Our sanctuary “Sussita Kumi” – Rescue of 6 cats

Filek (3 yrs) came to us half-dead, with severe infections, suppurating teeth and gum hypertrophy, intensive therapy was necessary.
Laura and Lili (1.5 yrs) were simply abandoned at the gates of Sussita Kumi.
Kornel (3.5 yrs), a helpless paralysed cat, had been abandoned on the street in Swidwin in a cardboard box. He is suffering from an old spinal trauma, which is why he is already suffering from muscular atrophy.
Rysia (1 month) was found in the forest and tragically died after 2 days.
Masza (1.5 yrs) we took over because her owner, an old gentleman from Goscino, had to go to hospital.

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