Our sanctuary “Rendez-vous” – Rescue of Edelgard

We were finally able to buy the 8-year-old dairy cow Edelgard her freedom, whose fate many of our Pro Animale friends followed intensively by reading Der TROPFEN, out of the exploitative vicious circle of the dairy industry. Emaciated to the bone, she stands prototypically for the “career” of a high-performance dairy cow. She was released by the birth of a bull calf from another cow mother, whose baby food was then available for milk sales. Today, Salvatore-Adamo, who was about to be transported to a fattening farm in Poland, lives with our “cow whisperer” and station manager of the Rendez-Vous with Animals, Hassan Tatari. Edelgard is still in intensive medical care and will soon be able to make her way to our sanctuary. A warm welcome to you both.

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