Our animal shelter Copernika/Poland – Rescue of 14 dogs

A Polish animal welfare worker had an accident with her car and was taken to hospital with serious injuries. Her call for help reached us and our representative and shelter manager of Kolebka Slonca, Copernika and Memento Lukasz Szyszkowski of course did not hesitate to help and picked up the needy animals. Now Luna (5 yrs), Kudlaty (3 yrs), Rodi (3 yrs), Tango (3 yrs), Kesz (3 yrs), Flip (4 yrs), Afro (3 yrs), Murzyn (3 yrs), Lucek (8 yrs), Zuzia (4 yrs), Julka (5 yrs), Bakari (3 yrs), Lea (3 yrs), Lena (5 yrs) are recovering on our dog planet Copernika.

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