Our animal shelter Rendez-vous mit Tieren/Germany – Rescue of Alma Mater

At just 6 years old, Alma Mater is emblematic of the gagging and exploitation of dairy cows. After her 4th calf had been snatched from her again right after birth, the cow mother suffered the pain of deprivation. We managed to buy Alma Mater (the foodgiving one), as we called her, free. So she was allowed to move into our Rendezvous mit Tieren, where she can now slowly recover together with the cattle Nuntiata and Noam who have already moved in there. Alma Mater is the prototype of a wornout “dairy cow career”: when she came to us, she suffered from a metabolic derailment, painful mastitis and claw ulcers that made her every step a torture. Under the loving professional care of our vet Hassan Tatari, Alma Mater is getting better by the day and coming back to a happy cattle life.

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