Kolebka Slonca – Rescue of Mateusz (4 yrs) and Michau (3 yrs)

Lukasz received a call from neighbouring eyewitnesses that there was a dog whose leg had been bitten off by another dog and the owner had done nothing, but left the dog to suffer its serious injury. Representatives from an animal welfare organisation had already been on site, but the owner had threatened to get violent next time.
Lukasz immediately went to the scene accompanied by the police: the fact that the little terrier dog survived was nothing short of a miracle. Lukasz immediately took Mateusz to the veterinary clinic for hospitalisation and amputation. Today, Mateusz and his companion Michau, who we were able to rescue together with him, live with Lukasz in Kolebka Slonca and love their saviour more than anything….

Here is a small video of those two …

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