Our boarding centres Samaria I and II/Poland – Rescue of 6 horses

Our Polish veterinarian, Dr. Jarek Tomana, turned to us for help when he once again came across horses
in dramatic condition at an animal dealer that were about to be sent to the international animal death

After consultation with our boarding facilities in Samaria I and II, it was possible to place the 6
doomed horses with us. After a long and tough struggle with the animal trader over the price, we
succeeded in buying them back and Anna Seghers (27 yrs), Achmatova (12 yrs), Osiecka (19 yrs),
Konopnicka (19 yrs), Pasternak (2 yrs) and Korczak (1.5 yrs) were allowed to move in with us. Now the
maltreated horses can slowly find their way back into life on the pastures of Samaria.

The whole story of the rescue can be read in the new TROPFEN:

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