Welcome to Spartacus

Since 1997 this hostel has been a place for horses, cats and dogs that are particularly needy or very old. A wild boar family was also allowed to find refuge here.
This property is owned by our Polish foundation Fundacjia Pro Animale dla Zwierzat w Potrzebie (founded by Pro Animale für Tiere in Not e. V. Germany)

Current information

We currently care for
36 horses, 86 cats and 8 pigs

We have 6 employees working here in full and part time. The average maintenance costs for Fallada, Spartacus, Doris Zinn-Herberge and Sussita-Kumi amount to € 80,000 per month. In addition, we have average costs of € 9,000 per month for veterinary care.

We receive an average of € 2,750 from Star Money and sponsorships.

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You can support the Pro Animale animal welfare organisation of your choice by becoming a ‘star money’ sponsor.

Sponsorship means an intimate bond

with your sponsored animal. This bond is vital for the safe protection of our animals.

Spartacus – a symbol for slavery – but also for the will to survive …

In 1994 we entered Polish soil for the first time. 1995 we already celebrated the official inauguration of Fallada with a residential house and three open stables for about 75 horses. From now on Fallada grew more and more into a life raft for horses, dogs, cats and many other animal welfare refugees.

Already in 1996 we started to build a second farm not far from Fallada – a refuge for horses in need of special care, which could not compete with the large herd of Fallada – Spartacus was born. Spartacus owes its name to the legendary leader of the greatest slave revolt that ancient Rome experienced. The slave Spartacus failed under the sword of Rome’s superiority – but the slave animals of man are losers from birth in a war in which they themselves never competed as our enemies. Defenceless and blameless, they too fall victim to the superiority of “man”. Thus Spartacus has become a symbol of slavery, but also of the will to survive.