Welcome to Yasam Vadisi

Our “valley of life” in Turkey. Since 2011, this place has been a refuge for street animals at risk and patients at our accident clinic. In addition, we also shelter “livestock” such as sheep, goats and camels, which we were able to save from the butcher’s knife.

Current information

We currently care for
302 dogs, 6 camels, 21 horses, 163 donkeys, 88 sheep, 72 goats, 4 pigs and 24 feathered.

We have 13 employees working here in full and part time. The average maintenance costs amount to € 25,500 per month.

We receive an average of € 11,000 from Star Money and sponsorships.

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You can support the Pro Animale animal welfare organisation of your choice by becoming a ‘star money’ sponsor.

Sponsorship means an intimate bond

with your sponsored animal. This bond is vital for the safe protection of our animals.