Spay/neuter and accident clinic Altinoluk

Since 2008 we have been operating a spay/neuter and accident clinic in Altinoluk, Turkey with great success. Here the municipality provides us with free premises in an industrial park. Thanks to the exemplary management by our representative Nilgün Varos, our veterinary clinic enjoys a high reputation among the population, so that we have a fully supervised Neuter & Release program. We also work closely with the police and the militia, who inform us immediately when animals are in danger and help us to rescue the animals if necessary. Local residents help us to look after the dogs at the feeding stations and notify us as soon as they see a sick or injured animal.

Current information

We currently care for
42 dogs and 64 cats until their recovery. Street dogs and cats are also fed.

From May 2008 to May 2024, over 38,000 castrations and over 2,500 other operations were performed.

The clinic team consists of 5 people. The average maintenance costs amount to € 14,000 (together with the cat villa Altinoluk).

We receive an average of € 3,040 from Star Money and sponsorships.

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