Welcome to the donkey island – Esek Adasi

Since 2001, we have been fully responsible for the care of donkeys on the Turkish island of Kara Ada. These donkeys had been abandoned and left to die of hunger and thirst.
Due to the island’s location and geography, we had to install a solar and wind power plant as well as a seawater desalination plant. The donkeys are the property of the Turkish state, and the island belongs to the Turkish national park. Pro Animale has a contract with the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

Current information

We currently provide for 43 donkeys, 100 goats, 2 dogs and 40 rodents.

One employee works here. The average maintenance costs amount to € 5,200 per month.

We receive an average of € 945 from Star Money and sponsorships.

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You can support the Pro Animale animal welfare organisation of your choice by becoming a ‘star money’ sponsor.

Sponsorship means an intimate bond

with your sponsored animal. This bond is vital for the safe protection of our animals.