Welcome to Sussita Kumi

Since 1999 this has been horse farm and a species- appropriate cat shelter housing over 150 cats in 240 square metres of living space (a completely gutted farmhouse) with endless hidey-holes as well as a a secure, 1.000-square-metre, outdoor enclosure.
This property is owned by our Polish foundation Fundacjia Pro Animale dla Zwierzat w Potrzebie (founded by Pro Animale für Tiere in Not e. V. Germany).

Current information

We currently provide for
19 horses, 132 cats

We have 8 employees working here in full and part time. The average maintenance costs for Fallada, Spartacus, Doris Zinn-Herberge and Sussita-Kumi amount to € 80,000 per month. In addition, we have average costs of € 9,000 per month for veterinary care.

We receive an average of € 2,570 from Star Money and sponsorships.

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